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30 Day Transformation

Overcome your challenges, create meaningful strides and progress towards your ambitions and goals.
Free yourself from a lack of focus, overcome anxiety and make a permanent mindset shift to stay determined and committed to succeed in life, creating a legacy for yourself, your family, friends and the community around you.

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Workshops & Courses
Learning, Development and Growth

Each workshop has been specifically set-up to provide the greatest impact to create meaningful changes for visible results. The workshops are fully interactive and only available via a trainer-led programme. The workshops are private and confidential areas for you to work on your strengths and expand your awareness to notice more about yourself.

The workshops are designed to provide you with the tools to unlock your creativity, and discover with greater clarity your purpose in life.

The more you participate in these sessions, the more you are likely to benefit from them.

All the workshops are held face-to-face or online via Zoom, to give you the added benefit of being able to join these sessions from the comfort of your own home

Neuro-linguistic programming

We have 2 courses – the bite-sized NLP Foundation Skills course that is setup to teach you the core principles of NLP. This course is designed to deliver the fundamentals of NLP, giving you the key understanding of where your thoughts come from and aims to make you more observant of how your thoughts are a reflection of the world around you.

The practitioner course is an Accredited course that delivers the core principles covered in the NLP Foundation Skills course and also teaches you the techniques and processes you can apply to help yourself, your business as well as those around you. This is where you have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt and transform key areas of your life.

This course is highly recommended for those who want to break out of old thinking patterns and develop a new growth mindset to tackle challenges and take on new adventures.

The NLP Courses are accredited by IAPCCT and run by Manish, who is a certified NLP Master Practitioner from SNLP (The Society of NLP).  Manish also trained as a Trainer with the NLP Coaching Academy.

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Frequently Asked Question .

The coaching, can be done in various ways and depends on the client.  Happy for over the phone, face-to-face or online via Zoom

That depends entirely on you and how willing you are to make changes in your life, this is something that would be determined during our initial FREE call. 

Unfortunately no, the only clients that I work with are people that are serious about change.   Only once you know passionately that you want change and are willing to put the work in.  If not it would be a waste of money and time for the both of us.

My background in Divorce, is actually living it and going through my own journey.  I have experienced not only the struggles of Divorce, but, also the after effects and the process of forms, courts and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Ex.

Yes, is the simple answer. NLP helps and supports changing your views of how life is and creates a pathway for you to adapt more meaningfully to the environment around you.

This totally depends on the situation, however I have had discussions with a number of parents.  Once I have coached the parents the dynamics of the parent-child relationship changes and they no longer need my services.

Due to the methods used for the Executive Coaching, the only initial fees would be for the setup.  We are that confident that the remaining invoice would be due at the end of the coaching programme.

Each coaching session lasts between 45 minutes to 1-hour.  As you can see there is no set time, just an estimate, as some clients are very clear on what they want to work on, and then we book in the next session.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer, Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, and have been coaching clients since 2010.

But it is not only about having or not having qualifications, it is also about the experience and the life skills.

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