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We have a range of courses that have been developed to get you to not only gain clarity of the subject, however, you will be provided with tools that you can take away and use to enhance your own journey on the subject.

The overview of each of the workshops and its structure has been broken down for you for you to make the best choice in attending which once is most relevant to you.  If, however, you are unable to decide on which workshop to attend there are future benefits of attending all the courses of you would like to.

Self-Esteem & Critical Awareness
Raise your energy and get real

This course not only deals with the self-esteem issues that you may be dealing with, or what you can do to support someone else.  We have also incorporated critical awareness tools that provide ongoing check-point techniques that allow you to check-in with yourself and even us.  This is to ensure that you do not only just come along to the course and learn something new, thinking that all is fixed and just walk away.

Our belief is that any course you attend, the ongoing support and check-ins validate to you that you practice the new knowledge you have gained.  This enables you to repeat new behaviours, thus creating new habits and ways of thinking to overcome future challenges.  This is done with simple and yet very practical tasks you can do on a daily basis to make sure you are in-check with yourself, and we area also available after the course to provide a point of contact to ensure all is going well.

So in essence this course is not just about Self-Esteem & Critical Awareness, it is to enable a personal journey, an opportunity of how you can create new ways of thinking, responding and behaving.

For further detailed information please do get in touch.

Goal Setting & Clarity
Realistic Goals with Clarity

You may already have a method of structuring various parts of your life so that your personal goals are reaching, whether its the new car you want to purchase, the next career move of simply what you will be doing tomorrow.

Yet, how often does your goal appear, do you after a the first hurdle go straight to the drawing boards and develop a new plan.  Well if you do, i’m afraid then the goal was not set with clear intentions and clarity.  It’s one thing having a goal that would be nice to achieve and another for wanting to achieve a goals that your heart and soul desires.

We have developed out own methodology of how to plan out your goals, and this is using the following method.

  • S – Specify
  • L – Live It
  • A – Ask Yourself
  • N – Needed Resources
  • G – Go!
You may at this point be wondering what S.L.A.N.G. actually means, well just imagine you could really see yourself in the position actually reaching your goals, what else would you gain in life and the environment around you.  We help and support you getting very realistic.  We will also ensure that you have the best clarity possible to ensure the goal is achievable with the steps you actually need to get there.
Like with all our course, we continue to offer ongoing support to ensure you are on-track to reaching your goal and how to handle the obstacles that you may be faced with.  Contact us now to find out about the next available courses.
Mindset Mastery & Resilience
Be the master of your mind

Yes, here we go again, you’ve heard of a number of master classes, other coaches and even the social media posts about mindset and how important it is about staying positive and not letting the world around you get you down.  How many times have you seen a post and feel liberated and fixed, only to find out a few minutes later that life hasn’t actually changed it was only a quick fix for a short period of time.

Well, we have strong belief from our own journeys that being positive all the time is hard work, and can actually deflated, such as coming home form a long day at work where you have been on your feet all day and all you really want to do is take your shoes off and sit.  You then realise how useful your feet actually are to you.

During the workshop you will find out what it really means to have a useful mindset and what it is.  How you can adopt to the situations you have around you.  Living with a purpose and then allowing yourself to work with the environment around you.

We will provide with long term solutions and techniques that give you meaning and a world of choices to grow, evolve and develop into what I guess can be stated as a legacy. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The coaching, can be done in various ways and depends on the client.  Happy for over the phone, face-to-face or online via Zoom

That depends entirely on you and how willing you are to make changes in your life, this is something that would be determined during our initial FREE call.

Unfortunately no, the only clients that I work with are people that are serious about change.   Only once you know passionately that you want change and are willing to put the work in.  If not it would be a waste of money and time for the both of us.

My background in Divorce, is actually living it and going through my own journey.  I have experienced not only the struggles of Divorce, but, also the after effects and the process of forms, courts and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Ex.

Yes, is the simple answer. NLP helps and supports changing your views of how life is and creates a pathway for you to adapt more meaningfully to the environment around you.

This totally depends on the situation, however I have had discussions with a number of parents.  Once I have coached the parents the dynamics of the parent-child relationship changes and they no longer need my services.

Due to the methods used for the Executive Coaching, the only initial fees would be for the setup.  We are that confident that the remaining invoice would be due at the end of the coaching programme.

Each coaching session lasts between 45 minutes to 1-hour.  As you can see there is no set time, just an estimate, as some clients are very clear on what they want to work on, and then we book in the next session.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer, Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, and have been coaching clients since 2010.

But it is not only about having or not having qualifications, it is also about the experience and the life skills.

Contact us now to find out more. 

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