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30 Day Transformation

Overcome your challenges, create meaningful strides and progress towards your ambitions and goals.
Free yourself from a lack of focus, overcome anxiety and make a permanent mindset shift to stay determined and committed to succeed in life, creating a legacy for yourself, your family, friends and the community around you.

Healing & Balancing

Energy is all around us and energy healing has been available for thousands of years. With the use of our chakras (literal translation in Sanskrit is Wheel) and energy we are able to release blockages and open the gateway to healing, by allowing energy to flow through each chakra, bringing our emotions and body in balance.

The channelling of positive energy, some practitioners use their hands, however, here there is no form of hands-on, all work is done hands-off or via distant healing.

Energy is all around us and energy healing has been available for thousands of years. With the use of our Chakras (Literal translation in Sanskrit is Wheel) and energy together we are able to provide release of blockages and healing. Allowing energy to flow through each Chakra, providing us balance in emotions and our body.

As a Reiki Master, I am able to channel natural universal energy to encourage the natural healing process of the client’s Chakras. 

The body comprises of 114 Chakra, as well as 72,000 ‘nadis’ energy paths. We, however, will only be working with the 7 commonly known Chakras.

Mind & BODY Alignment

Often it is misled that Yoga is for just flexibility, however, once you begin you start to understand that it is a way of life. Unconsciously, you will begin to notice how your mind is also at work. Using the combination of Pranayama (Yogic breath) and Asanas (Yogic poses) you will begin to develop a mind and body connection and alignment. The body, the vehicle that you are in, gets connected and forms a new relationship to the mind.

In essence, Yoga is about the connection between mind & body, practised daily can provide you with not only great flexibility and strength, but, also a mind that is open to new opportunities. It gives you, calmness, peace and a form of serenity with your being.

Yoga has it’s benefits in many forms:

Improves your flexibility, builds strength and tones.  Improves your posture, protects your spine, increases blood flow, relaxes your mind & body, gives you inner strength, and many more…

3-Day Weekend or 6 Day week Long

A Retreat is a great place to get away and re-energise yourself with the power of change, develop resilience and personal mastery.

We offer a 3-day weekend retreat located within the United Kingdom, which includes daily Meditation, Yoga and Personal Mastery.  Food and Accommodation is covered in the cost. 

The second offering is what is recommended, a 6 day retreat outside the United Kingdom, this is place in a new location where you will also have daily Meditation, Yoga and Personal Mastery.  We will also include Reiki Healing sessions and the NLP Foundation Skills course, and the added benefit of Group Coaching, something you can take away and use at your pleasure.  

Whichever retreat you choose, they will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised with new feelings, thoughts and aspirations.

Dates are to be advised, please contact us for further information.


Frequently Asked Question .

The coaching, can be done in various ways and depends on the client.  Happy for over the phone, face-to-face or online via Zoom

That depends entirely on you and how willing you are to make changes in your life, this is something that would be determined during our initial FREE call. 

Unfortunately no, the only clients that I work with are people that are serious about change.   Only once you know passionately that you want change and are willing to put the work in.  If not it would be a waste of money and time for the both of us.

My background in Divorce, is actually living it and going through my own journey.  I have experienced not only the struggles of Divorce, but, also the after effects and the process of forms, courts and maintaining a healthy relationship with the Ex.

Yes, is the simple answer. NLP helps and supports changing your views of how life is and creates a pathway for you to adapt more meaningfully to the environment around you.

This totally depends on the situation, however I have had discussions with a number of parents.  Once I have coached the parents the dynamics of the parent-child relationship changes and they no longer need my services.

Due to the methods used for the Executive Coaching, the only initial fees would be for the setup.  We are that confident that the remaining invoice would be due at the end of the coaching programme.

Each coaching session lasts between 45 minutes to 1-hour.  As you can see there is no set time, just an estimate, as some clients are very clear on what they want to work on, and then we book in the next session.

I am an NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer, Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, and have been coaching clients since 2010.

But it is not only about having or not having qualifications, it is also about the experience and the life skills.

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