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Here you will find the success stories of what my clients have experienced and the way in which their lives have changed for the better, be it , higher Self-Esteem, realistic goals, or a shift in mindset.

Further information can be found under the Info menu for each of the areas that I work, as always, if you have any queries or want to have a quick call, feel free to get in touch.

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What People Say

Everyone is not the same and clients vary from people in households, entrepreneurs to business leaders.

"The NLP Foundation course run by Manish Gohel was very insightful and has helped me to communicate better in my professional and personal life. He is passionate about getting the message across and so he teaches well and gives practical examples of how his teaching can be applied.

He is a great Coach." 

Vanaspati Herbs
United Kingdom

"I wanted to let you know that because of your help and precious advice I was finally able to realise my biggest dream, which is to be able to run my own meditation sessions.  You have been the only person this year that has inspired me the most and encouraged me to go beyond my limits and have more confidence in myself.

Thank you for all your kindness and support along this journey of personal transformation. Forever grateful." 

M Sandia
United Kingdom

"I had a pleasure to be on Manish's NLP foundation course. if you believe that you can change your life for better by just changing few beliefs, habits and behaviour but not sure where to start or who to ask for help...well look no further. 


Manish is very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. He undoubtedly delivers far beyond any reasonable expectations. Manish brings in real life experiences, challenges and makes the whole course interactive to make each step understood and to bring new possibilities and positive change in your life. Do not miss this opportunity to learn a life long skill which will help you through every aspect of your life."

C Bakhda
United Kingdom

"My experience of working Manish is that we really helps you get straight to the heart of the issue. You can sense and know we is coming from a place of deep sincerity and care.


It’s clear his desire is to help and support you getting real and deep with yourself. If you are looking to make changes in your life in a way that’s clear and compasionate then Manish is the perfect person."

S Vorster

Manish is an honest and dedicated coach who can help you get to the root of your issues quickly, asking questions that encourage self inquiry. His direct and hands on style of coaching is inspiring and motivating in equal measure.

M Lynch

"When I joined Manish for a group coaching session I was mesmerized at his ability to handle the group's energy. It was so good to see him lead us and coach each one of us so beautifully. Manish is a great compassionate coach who is very well rounded and knows how to work with a diversity of backgrounds. In one session only he coached several of us and we were all from different parts of the world. Thank you Manish for helping me shed some layers to my personal background difficulties."

A Lalwani

"I am writing this review to thank Manish Gohel for offering 1-hour free coaching.

Manish I would say is a great coaching guru you spend an hour talking to each other. During our conversation, there was a sort of positive Energy which has put into my mind going forward.

I will highly recommend getting in touch with Manish Gohel he is a great Coach.

Manish you are truly inspiring Guru to work with."

P Mak
UNited kingdom

"Manish tells it how it is. He has a unique skill to get alongside you but also cut through the excuses to get to the core issues."

J Turner

"Manish definitely has a different approach of analyzing situations, using humor is just one of them. Whilst talking to him you don't even realize how you have already found a solution to an "issue"..(which you probably don't even realize was not really an "issue").
Changing perception solves/helps alot...and thats what Manish helps you with."

M Bhudia

"Manish works with an approach of getting to bottom of things and creating pathways which gives you ways of finding solutions to issues.

I've known Manish for many years and he is determined and tactful when working with individual.

100% I would Definitely recommend Manish for his coaching skills and ways he helps you to develop yourself.

Thank you for everything you have done for me."

K Gohel
UNited kingdom

"I just finished my foundation course for NLP with Manish. I found it so knowledgeable and helpful more so the way Manish teaches it and makes it fun, applicable to real life situations.

Manish cares about making sure you understand and simplifies it to ensure we get it.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of learning about themselves to start with this course and especially the way Manish teaches, you will have gained so much more than a qualification.

I will be ever thankful that I decided to learn NLP from Manish because of the personal touch he puts into his course. Thank you Manish."

R Chander

"Very knowledgeable coach, love his style of delivering the coaching, interactive and empathetic."

P Gohel
UNited kingdom
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