It’s really important to me that you get the best of you. Only once you know from deep within that you are able to look at yourself and see a new you, that I am truly satisfied that our relationship has been worth every moment.
- Manish Gohel


Manish is a highly experienced and knowledgeable coach who makes it his personal mission to ensure that his clients get the very best results from each coaching session, as well as continued self-growth. As a master NLP Practitioner and Trainer, and a certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach, he provides clients with all the tools necessary to embark on a journey of self-discovery and create the best version of themselves.

Coupled with his Coaching background and experience, Manish has two other strings to his bow – Reiki and Yoga – both of which he uses to strengthen his offering to clients. Using energy healing and chakra balancing as well as physical postures and exercise, he provides a tailor made programme for each person, built on their needs and goals.

Manish provides Life Coaching and Executive Coaching in the areas of Business and Relationships, including Divorce. 

What Manish promises is a shift in mindset, underpinned by self-motivation, high-energy and pinpointed focus, to achieve realistic and meaningful goals.

The Journey

Manish made the transition to Coaching, following 20 years in the Information Technology sector, working in project and programme management.

Coaching has been a passion for many years, and more so since 2009, during which time Manish himself entered into a strenuous divorce, dealing with financial matters, child care arrangements and the loss of his parents.

This led to a seismic shift in his approach to life and initiated within him a deep desire to give back to the world around him and create a more meaningful life. Throughout this challenging time, Manish did not quit and instead his passion to help and support accelerated further. He learnt more about himself through the art of communication as well as about self-esteem through various personal development courses. 

This fueled his interest in NLP, and Manish went on to become an NLP practitioner, followed by a master NLP practitioner, as well as an executive coach to further his goal to help others, all accomplished alongside a 9-5 career. 

As he experienced the value of personal growth in his own life, he expanded his knowledge and skills further learning Reiki and Yoga.

Manish’s passionate, caring and honest nature shines through in his work with clients and he is driven by the reward of seeing others succeed in making a fulfilling life for themselves.

The Logo

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