Master NLP Practitioner & Trainer  |  Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach  |  Reiki Master Usui  |  Yoga Hatha & Vinyasa

My story

Manish Gohel is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Coach, he works in the areas of Relationships, Divorce and Business. He has a personal passion, and desire to ensure that his clients get the best of themselves from every coaching session. He has worked with individuals ensuring and a given them the drive and shift to make the changes in their to me more purposeful, achieving there goals and visions.
About me

Not everything was plain sailing for him, he has his own story like everyone else. Divorced father of 1 son, had his own journey in the area of divorce, in and out of courts making sure he has a meaningful part of his sons life, and that was whilst supporting others going through their own experiences. Even during this time he lost both his parents in a space of 2 years.  But that never stopped him from growing and supporting people, parents & children from having their own meaningful lives creating memories of fondness, joys and laughter.

Manish’s drive his is son, to become not just the fatherly role model, but to leave a legacy for his son to recognise that we all go through turmoil times, and yet we also gain from them to. It’s down to not how you have been brought up, of what your friends and colleagues say, but what comes from within that drives a person to become the best version of them selves.

He continues this belief as he knows that knowledge is gained everyday of ones lives, so much so, he trained as a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner with SNLP (Society of NLP) and NLP Trainer with (Association of NLP). He is also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach as well as Reiki Master (Dr Usui). With all these skills and experience Manish delivers coaching to tailor the individuals needs, adapting to the clients needs. With his primary focal pints of Relationships, Divorce and Business, he has the required skills to give you the shift and drive to push forward, whilst enjoying every moment fo the journey.

  • We will look at the various areas of your life
  • What drives you
  • What your ambitions are
  • What holds you back
  • What you would like to change
  • An action plan to get you heading towards your vision
  • Multiple coaching calls to keep you moving forward
  • Weekly check-in’s to keep you on track
  • Get to know your strengths
  • Get your action plan in motion
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • Get you to look deeper into your own thought process
  • Create useful patterns of behaviour
  • Work on what you want more of
  • Multiple coaching calls
  • Regular check-ins
  • Anchoring useful states
  • Work on areas of development
  • Consciously making useful decisions
  • Getting in control of your life
  • Revise your beliefs
  • Creation of routine that suits your needs
  • Structure your goals and milestones
  • Become accountable to yourself
  • Become resilient to challenges